Frequently Asked
How can I be sure that the restaurant gets my donation?
Transparency. Your donation is posted on the restaurant donation history page as soon as you make it (may be anonymous, if desired). The restaurant can see all donation history and compare that with what they receive.

My favorite restaurants have opened back up. Why should I consider making donations?
Most restaurants have incurred major expenses since the COVID-19 shutdowns and have earned minimal revenues. Even after some early government assistance, chances are the owners have had to reach deep into their own pockets or go into debt to pay rent, utilities and other expenses. They have also had to make substantial investments in the new way of doing business. Finally, going forward, they are opening with reduced capacity and thus, reduced earnings because of social distancing, etc.. For most restaurants, donations will be a much needed safety line.

Is my donation to a restaurant tax deductible?
No. Your donation is like a tip to a server. It is not tax deductible for you, and is income for the restaurant.

Can I donate to a franchise restaurant?
Absolutely. Many franchise restaurants are locally owned and managed, and your donation to them would be as helpful to that owner as a donation to a small family restaurant. There are some chain restaurants that are fully owned and operated from corporate headquarters. The owning entity would then be eligible for the donation.

Can I donate to more than one restaurant?
Yes. Each is a separate transaction.

Can I donate more than one time to a restaurant?
Yes. Many times your donation will be used for recurring costs like paper menus,, specialized cleaning supplies or cleaning services, or even to offset revenue losses by reduced seating capacity Multiple donations over time would help with each of these expenses as they occur.

Are there restrictions on what the restaurant can do with my donation?

I tried to make a donation, but the restaurant had not yet signed up to receive donations. I was told I could make a pledge instead.
This will be common in the beginning as Save-A-Restaurant(™) is a new program. To receive donations, the restaurant must create a free Save-A-Restaurant(™) account and provide a bank account for the donation to be transferred to. We give restaurants 10 days from your pledge to do so. If they do not sign up in that period of time, your credit card is not charged and your pledge is deleted.

How are restaurants notified that someone made a donation?
If they have an account, they will be immediately notified by email each time a donation is received. If they do not yet have an account, see the question above.

If a restaurant fails to sign up for a donation receiver account in 10 days from a donation, can they sign up later?
Yes. But any prior donations that expired will not be available.